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The Process

Our candidate's experience is more than just a buzz phrase, it's an objective

With conflicting priorities, time constraints and increasing candidate competition, we have created a process that gives all applicants equal opportunity when it comes to the recruitment process. By going digital we ease your scheduling burden by enabling you to complete video interviews and assessments from anywhere, at a time convenient for you. Additionally, it assists in reducing stress levels associated with in-person interviews, so you are more likely to think clearer and optimise your responses.




Unique Approach

Structured Interviews
Cognitive Ability
Job Simulations
Situational Judgement
Screening the right way

Online structured assessments targeting workplace behaviours, skills and theoretical situations are used to ensure consistency and fairness amongst all candidates. This form of assessment reduces distortions caused by interviewer bias, differences in questions asked to applicants, and factors unrelated to the job, such as candidates’ physical attractiveness, sex, race or style of dress. Our consultants then use weighted scoring systems to allow for consistent and reliable evaluations that are most appreciated by applicants.

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