About Us

Thousands of recruiting firms, only one like ours

Humanizing the
digital experience

The digitalisation of sourcing and recruitment methods has created higher expectations from employers and jobseekers who want a fast, straightforward application and recruitment process. In addition, candidates are seeking not only a position that suits their skills and expertise but a recruitment process that is flexible, to best compliment their busy schedules. Supported by the most effective systems and resources, humanizing this digital experience sits at the heart of our foundation and is what sets us apart.

We’re solving the real problem

At Recrutos, we have built our processes around a model that strengthens the candidate experience, reduces time-to-hire, increases candidate reach and enhances our client’s employer brand. Our core principles incorporate:

  • Technology
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Experience
Industries we specialize in

Administration and Office Support
Arts, Entertainment and Media
Call Centre and Customer Services
CEO and General Management
Consulting and Strategy
Design and Architecture
Healthcare and Medical
Hospitality and Tourism
Human Resources
Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics
Marketing and Communications
Retail and Consumer Products
Trades and Services

Our Services

Permanent Recruitment

The combination of extensive industry knowledge and modern technologies allows us to guarantee quicker screening times, build expansive talent pools, deliver high quality candidates and provide better employment insights. We are one of the most trusted recruitment firms who go above and beyond to develop long-term partnerships with our clients, to better understand your requirements to best fit a candidate to your organisation and the team culture. Did we mention our rates are one of the lowest in the industry?

Fixed-Term Placements

We are currently passing through a time where the economic landscape is extremely volatile. That's why Recrutos provides you with flexibility in offering recruitment services for fixed term placements starting at 8 weeks. By working closely with you to determine your needs we are able to swiftly connect you with the perfect candidate, even if the site is in a regional or rural location.

Executive Search

An experienced executive is key in achieving long-term business growth and profitability. By utilising various external assessment methods and providing flexible interview options our consultants can combine their highly tuned search and research systems with well-established sourcing and screening methods to find the perfect executive fit for your vacancy.

Advisory Services

We offer a variety of advisory services ranging from talent management to employer branding to career advice. For more information on our advisory services and how we can best tailor a session to best suit your organisational or personal needs please visit our contact page and contact your local office.